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Research shows that the traditional housing will be in external wall and heat insulation material for solar radiation heat accumulation.On a hot summer day,often building exterior wall in the evening will be accumulate heat during the day and night to indoor,so that the indoor continuous high temperature.

Under the condition of meet the reliability of the building,we carried out on the wall the brand-new design,modified STAR-UP WALL® outside wall can absorb most of the thermal
radiation outside the insulation layer,makes the heat preservation material can not only keep indoor temperature in winter ,at the same time ,it can effectively insulate heat in the summer in outdoor.

STAR-UP WALL® system allows users with minimal investment to get the highest comfort,colleagues as far as possible to reduce the energy consumption and co2 emissions.

STAR-UP WALL®features:
1.Safe,durable,hot dip galvanized after welding node and light steel keel makes thematic structure can satisfy the requirement of anti-corrosion in 100.
2.Beautiful shape,external surface of the cement can attach any commonly used building exterior wall coating or brick.
3.Economic and environmental protection,modular,factory production materials more than 90% for recyclable materials.
4.Super heat preservation effect.200mm STAR-UP WALL® can reach Rc=12,12 times more than the average is 240 brick wall.
5.Super comfortable,air exchange metope and can be embedded European standard floor heating pipes,provides the highest living comfort requirements.
6.Adjust the wall according to different combinations,adapt to different temperature regions.

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At the present stage,〝Modular House〞 refers to meet the industry standard《civil architecture saving energy design standard》requirements of residential,by improving the building palisade structure(Usually refers to external wall,roof,outside doors and windows and floor)of the thermal performance,improve the efficiency of heating,air condition energy use at the same time,making〝Modular House〞than ordinary residential energy consumption reduced by 50%.The palisade structure,air conditioning and heating energy-saving contribution of each accounts for about 25%.The palisade structure of the traditional residential building is 240 ordinary clay brick,simple overhead roof and single-layer glass steel window,the heat transfer coefficient of them respectively 1.96、1.66 and 6.4W/(m2·k) .
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